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Car Audio EQ Tuning Frequency Division Amplifier

Car Audio EQ Tuning Frequency Division Amplifier

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The EQ equalizer supports two audio input modes, four channels of audio input, and is assigned two output channels for subwoofers. The front left and right channels, rear left and right channels, have a total of six channels of output. The panel can adjust the frequency and volume of the two subwoofers. The panel can also adjust the volume of the subwoofers, The simulated four channels are subjected to seven frequency bands in the range of 63Hz to 12kHz audio frequency, and the frequency gain is adjusted to achieve customer tuning and adjustment of the audio and timbre effects of the later stage power amplifier, greatly improving the handling performance of the entire audio effect.

Product information:
Applicable voltage: DC 12V
Output circuit: six channels (four amplifiers, two subwoofers),
Input line: CD 2 external AUX inputs
Product size: 18.5 * 12 * 2.8cm
Product weight: 522g

Packing list:

EQ equalizer*1


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