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HGKJ Car Headlight Repair kit Car Polishing Car Light Tool

HGKJ Car Headlight Repair kit Car Polishing Car Light Tool

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Product information:

Name: Headlight renovation kit
Features: high light transmittance, refurbished and brightened, long lasting, simple operation


This product has the characteristics of simple operation, high transparency, strong adhesion, etc. It has a significant effect on removing scratches, yellowing, blurring and oxidation of car lights.


1. Enclose the lights with tape
2. Use 3000 grit sandpaper to polish the lamp, be sure to sand with water, and the surface must be smooth enough (if the headlamp is severely worn, it needs to be polished in steps: the first step is to polish with 500-600 grit sandpaper, and the second step is 800- Polish with 1000 mesh sandpaper, use 1200-1500 mesh sandpaper for the third step, use 2000 mesh sandpaper for the fourth step, and use 3000 mesh sandpaper for the fifth step)
3. Rinse, pour the resin headlight polishing paste on the sponge, and polish it;
4. Wash and dry the lamp
5. Use a sponge or suede cloth to spread the coating of the HGKJ headlight evenly on the lamp, wait for it to dry, do not touch it within 2 hours, and do not touch rain within 3 days (apply only once, do not repeat)

1. This product is specially used for resin lampshades
2. If it sticks to the outside of the lamp, wipe it with a damp cloth immediately
3. Don't use it when exposed to sunlight
4. Do not use when the dust is flying, so as not to scratch
Shelf life: two years

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